Saturday, October 22, 2011

7 Free and Innovative Ways to Capture Learning, Lessons, Lectures, & Live Discussions

group of educators, principals, superintendents, IT administrators and community members were brought together by Dell to share thoughts and ideas about education transformation during a think tank session moderated by New Jersey Principal, Eric Shenninger.  The day flew by as participants came together for six hours to share provocative insights. While the day proved to be insightful and informative there was something else going on.  There were a variety of free and innovative tools used to capture the day that if used in schools could be quite useful to
1) Give others an window into what is occurring in the classroom with tools like UStream and live chat.
2) Capture what occurred for reflection.
3) Provide an anytime/anywhere archive of what occurred for those who were not there or want to review at another time.

Check out how the day was captured through video, a Twitter archive tool, Google docs for notes, a website and below you'll find a Twitter fountain, Storify, and graphic image of each topic using Flickr created by ImageThink. All of these are free ways any event can be captured. (Note: Flickr is free. The artist is approximately 2k).

If you missed it, now you can experience it. If you were there, now it is captured for reviewing, reflecting, and sharing.  As you take a look, think about how educators may want to incorporate some of this into their practice as
1) A learning tool
2) Their digital portfolio
3) A tool to evaluate work and practice
4) A way to build the home school connection

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