Friday, November 25, 2011

Capture Skype Conversations for Anytime / Anywhere Listening and Viewing

As I’ve shared here and here, Skype is a great way to enable students across the world to converse and interact with others who share their passion, talents, and interests. With the popularity of learning techniques liked the flipped classroom and passion-driven learning, teachers and their students might be interested in capturing these conversations.  SuperTintin is a fully-featured audio and video recording software which allows Skype users to record their online conversations. These recorded conversations can be used for review purposes in the classroom, to share with others in the school or the students’ parents and/or for any other reason which the teacher and students see potential.

Here a couple valuable features of SuperTintin for recording Skype calls that might be difficult to accomplish using other means.  

  • Picture-in-Picture: Record video in Picture-in-Picture, Side-by-Side, Remote-Only, or Local-Only mode! And you can also record local and remote video as two separate files.
  • Saving. Supertintin lets you easily save your conversations to your computer's hard drive or a portable USB drive, allowing you to re-watch your conversations as easily as watching your favorite DVD.
  • Skype group video conference up to 10 ways!
For students and teachers that enhance their learning with Skype, recording those conversations is a great way to remember and reinforce any lessons learned. Additionally, recording conversations make them easy to share with other teachers, the students’ parents or the community at large. SuperTintin provides a simple and easy recording solution so that classrooms can capture, save, and share collaborations on Skype.  SuperTinTin is available here for $29.95.


  1. For Mac users, try Call Recorder. Once you buy it, you will always get new upgrades for free. I've used it for years and it keeps getting better.

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