Thursday, November 24, 2011

Want a Healthier Family This Holiday Season? Consider Homeschooling

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As thoughts of turkeys, egg nog, and sugar plums dance in our heads this holiday season, some of us are thinking about best ways to get off to a healthy New Year. Over at Parent at the Helm, Linda Dobson has idea. She points out that although a family’s homeschooling decision almost always begins with academic considerations, there are also health benefits.  She shares 12 terrific health benefits that emerge from the homeschooling lifestyle.

12 Health Benefits of Homeschooling
1. Individual sleep patterns and needs are met.
2. Lots of time to be outdoors.
3. Eat when hungry, drink when thirsty, pee when you gotta.
4. Eat healthier food (and learn to prepare it).
5. Not cooped up in “sick buildings.”
6. Less shared germs  – and lice.
7. Time for play.
8. Less need for medication.
9. Alone time.
10. Time to pursue passions.
11. Less stress.
12. A strong family that knows and loves one another.

To read more about each of these benefits, visit the original post here.

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