Friday, November 18, 2011 – Making the Internet Safer and Easier for Kids. gives kids the ability to explore over 5 million websites, images, videos and games in a variety of topics ranging from Aardvarks to Zeppelins.  All content is reviewed by a team of editors, so there’s no risk of kids finding violent, explicit or otherwise inappropriate content. It is accessible from any computer or device with an internet connection – no download required.

Part of what makes revolutionary is the way content is delivered.  When children search for something – let’s take dogs, for example – will initially return a number of websites, videos, pictures, games, and additional search terms related to dogs for kids to explore.  If kids do not find the dog content that they are looking for, they can continue to scroll down to see even more results.  The site will load additional search results on the fly, so kids won’t have to click through multiple pages of results like they do with most other search engines.  It’s a very fun way to explore, and encourages kids to continue learning about things which spark their curiosity. 
Teachers will find lots to like on, too.  The Homework Helper is available for grades 1-8 and features a collection of websites, videos, images and educational games that are categorized based on the national curriculum for each grade.  Begin typing “Homework Helper” into’s search box, and a list of homework helper grades will appear for you to choose from.

If you’re looking for ways to make learning more fun, you may want to check out “Educational Games” and “Educational Activities” categories.  The educational games category offers kids a number of web games to play that are designed to enhance skills such as math, spelling, typing and more.  In the educational activities category, teachers can find some creative classroom activities designed to engage your little learners while teaching them about all sorts of topics.  

Teachers will find to be a great tool for their classrooms.  Go ahead and give a try. If you do, share what you liked, what you didn’t, and what can be done to improve the site.  
For the past five years, KidZui’s mission has been to make the internet big, safe and fun for children.  The KidZui Team has reviewed and approved over 5 million websites, pictures, videos and games for children to explore.  In addition to the search engine, KidZui also offers the KidZui web browser, which provides additional online security by preventing children from visiting non-KidZui approved content.  Find KidZui on Facebook by visiting

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