Thursday, January 30, 2014

Resources, stories, and connections with those who use social media in today’s k-12 classrooms

Thank you to the 300+ folks from around the world who joined me for the Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship webinar on EdWeb. In case you missed it, the webinar was called “Social Media: An Essential Tool for Today’s Classroom.” You can view the webinar here

In the webinar, I shared case studies of amazing students, parents, and teachers. Below are the people behind the stories I mentioned, how to learn more and a way to reach each of them via social media. 

Courtney Woods – 2nd grade teacher who connected her students to the world with Twitter

Zak Malamed – Founder of Student Voice: Using social media to give students a voice
Learn more:

Sara Cottone – Strengthening the home-school connection with social media

Chris Casal – Celebrating school success with social media
Learn more:

Armond McFadden – Student with a powerful learning network

Matt Brown – Principal who uses social media to catch teachers & students being awesome

Erin Shoening – Uses Facebook with first graders

Resources Mentioned

NYC social media guidelines and AUSP from the NYC DOE:

Using Twitter and Google Docs:

Posts on assistive technology / special needs:

Stay connected with me:

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