Monday, May 19, 2014

The Innovative Educator Hosts Tonight’s #TeacherEdChat (May 19)

If you are interested in discussing how to prepare preservice teachers for the realities of today's digital classroom, then I hope you’ll join me at 9 p.m. EST tonight for  #TeacherEdChat. The topic is "Social Media in Teacher Education Programs."

Here's a description of #TeacherEdChat:
The focus of #TeacherEdChat is on teacher preparation and connecting higher ed with Prek-12. The intent of #TeacherEdChat is building bridges with PK-12 to help align those enrolled in teacher education courses, undergraduate and graduate, with teachers and educators in the field. The chat provides a forum to help higher ed faculty and educators gain additional insights into the teaching field as well as help those in the teaching field get a better sense of what Schools of Education are doing.

Check out tonight's questions and start collecting your ideas and best links to support what you have to share:

Q1: What success stories do you see from students & teachers use of social media?
Q2: What are mistakes have you seen Ss make w/ social media usage? Teachers?
Q3: How are people in business and higher education looking at applicants’ social media use?
Q4: What does having lots of selfies say about you if you are a teacher? Student?
Q5: What do students need to understand about the permanent nature of the internet?
Q6: Advantages/disadvantages of being discerning with the number of friends on Facebook / following on Twitter?  
Q7: Should college admissions check SS social media profiles? Why or Why not? 
Q8: Share advice for pre-service teachers abt your own use of social media as a role model for students.
Come back here later this week for a recap via Storify.
The chat was founded by @JenniferFox13, along with help from @JudyArzt, @nathan_stevens, @gregbagby, @NicolRHoward, and @Angie_Wass.

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