Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Innovative Educator named top 10 #BYOD (bring your own device) influencer

Onalytica put out their list of bring your own device influencers (BYOD) and The Innovative Educator was at the top of the list. 

You can see the top ten influencers below and the top 100 here
RankTwitter HandleNamePageRank (Normalised)
1@MaribelLopezMaribel Lopez100
2@MindShiftKQEDTina Barseghian75.25
3@coolcatteacherVicki Davis74.97
4@NMHS_PrincipalEric Sheninger60.83
5@mssacksteinStarr Sackstein43.17
6@InnovativeEduLisa Nielsen35.91
7@RossCoops31Ross Cooper28.06
8@mluhtalaMichelle Luhtala22.63
9@andycinekAndrew P. Marcinek21.96
10@jksuterJason K. Suter21.93
Onalytica sources and tracks meaningful, relevant online content from sources like blogs and tweets to enable customers to better understand the Voice of the Market. They determined the influencer network around BYOD by taking all twitter conversations around the hashtag #BYOD and looked at how influencers are connected which you can see on the graph below. 
Top50 Individuals Lo 01

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